Workshop: Urban Water within a changing Globe
Influence of Climate Change on Water Systems in Japan and Germany




■日時: October 31, 2013, 10:00 am
■場所: Fakultätszimmer,Archen, Germany
■プログラム: PDF file


"Strategic Urban Drainage Management in Japan Under Climate Change"
Prof. Dr. Hiroaki Furumai, RECWET - Tokyo University, JP

"Water Sensitive Urban Design and Climate Change"
Dr. Dorothea Weingärtner, FiW - RWTH Aachen University, DE

"Are Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Emscher-Lippe-area Fit for Purpose Under Conditions of Climate Change?"
Martin Kaless, ISA - RWTH Aachen Universitiy, DE

"Global Warming and Wastewater Treatment System in Japan"
Dr. Hiroki Itokawa, JSWA, JP

"Operation of Sewage Facilities in the context of Climate Protection and Resource Conservation"
Kristoffer Genzowsky, FiW - RWTH Aachen University, DE

"DAAD-Exchange between RECWET and ISA"
Danièle Mousel, ISA - RWTH Aachen, DE