RECWET Special Seminar Series #44

Date and Time: 10:00-11:30 am, July 4 (Mon), 2022
Place: Lecture Room 144 (2nd floor, Engineering building 14
Language: English (Some follow up in Japanese)

'Attempts to leverage big data in biological science'

By: Dr. Shoko Iwai
Director of Biotechnology and Healthcare Sciences, AI Dynamics Inc.

[From the Lecturer] updated on Jun 30
Due to technological advancements, we are able to access more and more data recently. In biology, many data are publicly available such as DNA and RNA sequencing, metabolomic, proteomic, and imaging data. Attempts have been made to leverage such multiple types of data to understand biology and find application. In this seminar, I will share some of my previous projects about therapeutic mining from microbiome data, and introduce machine learning approaches in image analysis, gene expression analysis, language processing and more. Hope this seminar gives you some idea about potential and limitations of utilizing data in biological fields.

Futoshi Kurisu
Professor, RECWET